Amy Leigh Andrews Pics

Interiew of gorgeous naked Playmates.What part of a guy do you study first? Musicians have always been my weakness. I look for charisma and confidence in a guy. Nice teeth and good abs are always a plus. What’s the party scene like at your school? It’s a lot of fun because we are right in the city of Atlanta.

I love to listen to live music — heading to the bars and sitting down watching a great band is the best. What is your special talent? I have a photographic memory. I can look at something on a page of a book and remember exactly what I just read by seeing the image in my mind.

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Naked Playmate Lindsey Gayle Evans

It was exactly a year ago that 2008′s reigning Miss Louisiana Teen USA, Lindsey Gayle Evans, was — as they say in her home state — up shit creek. The Northwestern State University broadcast-journalism major from Blanchard, Louisiana had involved herself in a dine-and-dash at a restaurant, only to realize she had left behind her (oops) pink wallet containing her ID and (oops) a nickel bag of pot. She ended up in the back of a cop car, “bawling my eyes out,” Lindsey remembers.

She knew this one would make the news. “I said to myself, Attitude adjustment time, girl. Fuck the crown. Turn the frown upside down and smile for that mug shot.” Score one for Team Evans: The tabloid press could resist neither Lindsey’s deliciously blonde saga nor the beaming mug shot that accompanied it. Pageant officials weren’t as charmed; Miss Louisiana Teen USA was stripped of her title.

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Playmate Kassie Lyn Logsdon

It’s like living in heaven, says naked Playmates May Kassie Lyn Logsdon, referring to her miniscule village in California’s San Bernardino Mountains. She wouldn’t be in Playboy–let alone have descended on Los Angeles-had it not been for her high school friend Miss February 2010 Heather Rae Young.

Heather pulled Kassie down from the peaks and in front of our cameras, and the Cyber Club is the only place where you can see Miss May’s complete Playmate pictorial, including unpublished pics you won’t see in the magazine!

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Playboy Heather Rae Young

Growing up in Running Springs, California, a tiny mountain community overlooking the San Bernardino National Forest, Heather Rae Young spent an idyllic childhood “learning good small-town values and a strong work ethic from my parents,” as she puts it. She took dance lessons, skied, built snowmen and hiked with her dogs. There was just one problem: Heather always dreamed of becoming a Playboy Cybergirls, and to make that happen she had to come down off her mountaintop.

“One day I went online and found out about the 55th Anniversary Casting Call at the Playboy Mansion in 2008,” she says. “I freaked because I think it’s every girl’s dream to go to the Mansion and see what it’s like. So I did!” Smart move, Heather. She landed a callback, shot a couple of times for, and voila, her career took flight. “It happened so fast that I’m stunned,” admits the quickly rising bikini-and-lingerie model.

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Playmate Candice Cassidy

Candice is a classically trained dancer who has just opened her own studio but still finds time to help care for horses on her family farm. In between the dance lessons and bales of hay, Candice finds time to shop for high heels and snuggle with the main man in her life. “I’m optimistic and caring,” she says, “and also very appreciative of what I have.”

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Playboy Jaime Faith Edmondson

Like a blazing one-woman fireworks blowout, our radically accomplished Miss January, the self-proclaimed “feisty, fearless, redheaded adventuress,” rockets herself into the New Year just as she always has. “No resolutions,” says Jaime Faith Edmondson, “and no fear of the unknown. I’m a doer. When I see something I want, I go for it 100 percent, and nothing can get in my way. I don’t half-ass anything.” Don’t believe it? Consider this: Jaime is a former cop and a naked Playmates. And a former NFL cheerleader.

And a reality-TV hotshot. Who else on this planet can claim that trifecta? Last seen in spring conquering the world with fellow former Miami Dolphins cheerleader Cara Rosenthal on TV’s The Amazing Race, Jaime fought her way through more than 40,000 miles of travel and backbreaking tasks, making hers only the second all-female team to score a second place on the show. Jaime says she has always been driven.

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Hope Dworaczyk Pics

Remember back in high school there was that one girl who stood out for all the right reasons? She was smart, dressed a cut above the rest and was stunningly beautiful. This naked Playmates was funny and confident. She wore high heels. She had it all. At Hope High School in tiny Port Lavaca, Texas in the late 1990s, that girl was Hope Dworaczyk. That the school’s name matched her own was a coincidence, though it really did seem as if it had been named for this one student.

Hope’s grandma was the principal, to boot. People looked at the statuesque teenager and said, “Hey, she could be a model.” You always wonder what becomes of the playboy nude. Does she end up with her own episode of Intervention? Does she fill her trunk with junk and become a leg breaker for the Mob? You never know. For Hope, happily, things went just as planned. She won a Texas beauty pageant.

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Naked Playmate Jennifer Pershing

The infamous Sunset Strip in West Hollywood still rocks, and we’re not just talking about the scene at places like Whisky a Go Go, the Viper Room and Rainbow. At Key Club one night we spotted naked Playmates Jennifer Pershing, a 28-year-old platinum goddess, dancing onstage. “I go there every week to see a band called Steel Panther,” says Jennifer. “I grew up loving Motley Crue, Guns N’ Roses and Poison, and this is my outlet because these guys are so good at recreating that vibe.

Maybe I’m attracted to guys in spandex who wear makeup. It’s just my thing.” Jenn’s idea of a good time is to hit the Strip with her gal posse and party like it’s 1989. “My friends are superhot. We put on little shiny pants and rock knee-high boots and all that fun stuff,” she says. “One night a Playboy scout approached me and asked if I would pose for the magazine, which had been my dream since I was 18.

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Playmate Jessica Burciaga

Every hand is a winner when your cards are dealt by a woman with a perfect pair. Meet Jessica Burciaga, a 25-year-old southern Californian who had been studying sports broadcasting in college before she hopped to the Mansion and auditioned to be a nude playmates blackjack dealer. Out of hundreds of hopefuls, Jessica was chosen to work at the then new Playboy Club at the Palms in Las Vegas. (This was 2006.) “We were all young and didn’t have a lot of experience,” she says.

“They literally trained us in eight weeks, and we were nervous because we were dealing with a lot of money. The pit boss and security were looking over our shoulders at all times.” Jessica caught on in a snap. “One time,” she says, “I got a $5,000 chip as a tip.” Jessica grew homesick and returned to the L.A. area after a few months, though she still loves to visit Sin City.

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Playboy Dasha Astafieva

For five decades plus five years Playboy has been the planet’s foremost authority on beautiful women. To become our 55th Anniversary naked Playmates, our selection would have to not only continue that tradition but set a standard that could be upheld for 55 years to come. To locate that extraordinary blonde playmates, our scouts scoured the United States and Europe. We test-shot dozens of stunning models (see last month’s Hunt for the 55th Anniversary Playmate), narrowing down the field.

Now, as you see our pick here (“I’m the girl in the dream having a rest after good sex,” she says), you will no doubt agree that Dasha Astafieva is a perfect choice for our 55th Anniversary Playmate. Dasha, a 23-year-old native of Ukraine, started modeling in 2003 and within four years had become Playboy Ukraine’s Playmate of the Year. This whetted her ambition for a larger stage. “I have dreamed of being an American Playmate since I first saw the magazine,” she says.

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